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Glimpses of an El Dorado Rose

El Dorado Rose. A prestigious honor bestowed upon ladies who have given selflessly of themselves to their community.

Glimpses of an El Dorado Rose. A granddaughter’s memoir of the woman who gave unconditional love to all those around her. Glimpses of an El Dorado Rose shares special memories between grandmother and granddaughter. Sweet portraits of childhood summer visits to Gramma’s house.

What Readers Are Saying:

Glimpses of an El Dorado Rose is, author, Michelle Hayes’ tender tribute to her beloved, paternal grandparents (Gramma and Pa).  The reader is taken through a progression of stories, some shared with the author by her grandparents as she was growing up, and some from the author herself, relaying her experiences of summers spent in the company of Gramma and Pa.  When Gramma told a story; it was not lost on the author that there was always a thoughtful lesson to be learned.  The reader comes to love the gentle, easy-going characters and will feel the tug at heartstrings as they follow the journey of the author’s visits with her precious grandparents. 


One can’t help but chuckle and wonder if a tea intervention might be necessary, as they do consume a great deal of tea over the years.  However, even the tea seems symbolic of the sweet and rich relationships built by this family.  A quick and lovely read to be enjoyed over a pot of tea!

Sheri R.

Yakima, Wa


A native of Northern California, Michelle Hayes served as a mechanic in the Air Force after high school. She moved often, all the while working and raising a family, sometimes singlehandedly, writing in her spare time, finally coming to rest in a tiny Idaho town where she is working on her next novel. She is married, a new grandmother, and a cancer survivor; she has a service dog and is owned by two felines. Her faith, love of family, animals and the written word are closest to her heart along with her desire to help others by lifting them up with her gift of storytelling.


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